Sunday, October 26, 2008

Role Play Reflection

Role name: Edward Swanson________ Real Name_Erik Anderson__________ Period_4______

Summarize your role’s beliefs or stance on the issue(s). Do not simply regurgitate and/or copy/paste your answer from your bio.
My role character’s beliefs were to have the internet unrestricted, except for inappropriate things, but have the the student’s access watched so they wouldn’t misuse the privilege.

Explain your use of language (the word choices and verbal style) you used to convey these beliefs or stances?
I used good spelling and knowledge of technology to tell how to test my idea.

What strategies did you use while trying to convince the other characters (Formulating counter arguments, building alliances)?
I used facts that I researched on the internet, such as the information I found on the network specialist’s salary. I used that information and my own knowledge to try convincing people to consider my idea and think of implementing it.

What evidence or reasons did you use to support your positions? In what ways were your evidence and reasons effective in convincing others to adopt your positions? How do you know?
I used facts about how much certain things cost like the cost of flashdrives and the salary of a network specialist. I also used the fact that the internet can be a powerful resource for learning because of the fact that it holds so much information.

When you received a reply that challenged or disagreed with your position, how did you typically respond to these challenges or disagreements?
I usually said something like them having a good point but this is why my idea is better or this is why you need to think your idea out more.

Do you think that your arguments had any influence on your audiences’ beliefs on this issue? If so, in what ways?
I know that I influenced some ideas because I as able to give them an idea they didn’t think of. I even got compliments saying that my idea was a great idea. I don’t think I convinced anyone to unblock the internet because almost everyone wanted the internet unblocked anyways, there were few people that needed convincing.

Based on your decisions regarding power in your map, explain the criteria you used to decide who had power. How did people use their power or gain more power?
I separated people into 2 classes, directly related Jefferson and not directly related to Jefferson. The people who were related to Jefferson generally had more power in the school. After that first separation, I separated them into Administration, Students, and other. It seemed in the roleplay that the people with power didn’t really care for it or were threatening to use it, and the people that didn’t have as much power wanted to change things.

You completed your self-assessment on your own work in the role-play. How does the criteria on the rubric help you understand what makes an effective argument?
Keeping a constant persona can help keep a person taking you seriously, talking educated can also help credibility, and it also showed that using facts an help people believe your idea and make it a reality.

You are writing a paper from your own personal perspective on issues with the current school policies on Internet use/access where you suggest possible solutions that will eventually be used to create some joint proposals to the school. How did this role-play prepare you to write this paper? In what ways did the knowledge that you would actually be writing to change school policies influence your involvement in this role-play?
Truthfully I don’t think that this roleplay did help me write my paper. I also don’t think anything effected my involvement in the roleplay.

Describe your overall positive and negative feelings about engaging in this role-play and give reasons for those feelings.
I think this roleplay was interesting but I don’t think it was engaging or that it helped me write things. I do hope that what I wrote did change what people think and hopefully make internet access better.

Rate your feelings about this role-play

not engaged 2 highly engaged
not comfortable in my role 5 very comfortable in my role
not familiar with the issue 6 very familiar with the issue
not personally concerned with the issue 4 highly concerned about this issue

My role had little power 4 My role had a lot of power
My role was isolated 4 My role felt connected
The role-play didn’t help me learn to argue 4 The role-play really helped me learn to argue better
I have had little previous experience debate experience 2 I have had a lot in debate
The role-play didn’t help prepare me for the paper 1 The role-play really helped prepare me for the paper
Knowing that I would be advising the school had no influence on my engagement 1 Knowing that I would be advising the school had a strong influence on my engagement

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