Thursday, January 22, 2009

Final Reflection

College Writing Final and Reflection Erik Anderson

A. General Questions: Make sure you rename this document as your (last, first) name and save it to your desktop. Type in (or copy and paste) your answers when it is appropriate. Please type your answers in a different color or font to make sure I can see it when you submit me your document. Write as much as you want. Generally those who have complete and coherent answers will do better than brief, limited or missing answers. When you are completely finished with your final, please make sure you used conventional English and used spell check before you email it as an attachment to my preferred email address. Save your work frequently in case your computer or Internet is slow, etc. When you are finished with all of your answers, please go to the top of the screen and click “File” and go down to “Export.” Choose the file “Word DOC.” Make sure your document is named your (Last, First) name Final and click “Export.” Please attach this file and email it back to me. Once I have confirmed receipt of your email, you should clear the entire desktop of your laptop by dragging everything into the trash. Go to the Finder at the top of your screen and empty the trash. Once you have completed the entire final, you must also post it to your blog. Call your blog post “Final Reflection.” If your blog has working links and pictures that link to their original sources, you will do better on this final. Good luck and thank you!

What Miss Boeser’s preferred email address?
What is another email address Miss Boeser might use for other purposes?
Fill in the blanks with the missing information from your course standards/parent letter:
A student’s grade will be divided into the following components:
45% Academic Writing: essays must be handed in on paper with a Turnitin originality report.
30% Participation:
BLOG/WIKI/NING: Each student is required to post journal entries online
CLASS DISUSSION/WRITING GROUPS: Students will respond in class to literature, nonfiction and journal posts, as well as work together to proof and edit papers.
PEER REVIEW: Students will read and respond to the work of their peers in writing groups
10% Homework: including vocabulary assignments and daily assignments
5% Tests and Quizzes:on novels and nonfiction from class, including vocabulary
10% Final Exam:on novels, stories or terms we have covered in class.

Explain what you would do or where you would go if you need help with MLA format. Post links below if you need to.

What website do you use to turn in your papers?
What “website” or webpage did the Media Center set up to help you with your Problem-Solution Paper?
They only have teen issues and Biography research on their links.
If you wanted to look up something in the Academic Search Premier, which database would you use?
If you wanted to get an article from the StarTribune, but you can’t find it at HYPERLINK "", what database would you use?
I don’t know
If I want to find information on school or district usage policies, where would I go?
Over the last two terms, we have read four books as a class. Rank them in order from the book you liked the best (#1) to the book you like the least (#4). First, fill in the title of the book under the rank (number) you are assigning. Below the title, write in the author. Last, assign the books a percent out of 100, so that the sum of your scores equals 100.
Little Brother
Cory Doctorow
Kite Runner
Khaled Hosseini
Toni Morrison
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Stephen Chbosky

Write a brief reflection about why you liked your favorite book of the four.
The book wasn’t confusing at all. I was easily able to relate to the book and characters within the book. It was also easy to imagine the setting of the book.

Write a brief reflection on your least favorite book.
The Perks of being a Wallflower just had no point in my mind. It was extremely confusing and tormenting to read. The only positive thing that I can think about the book is that it is a very small books so the torment didn’t go on for an extremely long time.
Write the name and author of the book you chose to read on your own or with your book group. Make a link to your book’s wiki:
Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
I’m glad that we choose that book, mostly because it was a huge load off my mind considering all the crap most of the other books in this class put on. It’s a good book as well, it is easy to follow and still holds lessons and values that we should hold today.
Second, Divide 100 points between your group members, explaining what you felt each person contributed to the paper, vocab, etc.
I think everyone in my group should have equal shares of the credit because we all worked hard on our projects.
Third, write anything else you want to say about your involvement in this project before I grade it.
Making our own wiki was a great idea.

B. General Reflection Questions:

1. What would you say is the most important thing you learned in this course?
I can’t really say I learned much in this class except how to use things like wikis.
2. What did you learn to do well? How do you know this?
I learned how to use a wiki, which I thought was very fun.
3. What would you say is your weakest skill in College Writing? Explain why you think this.
Finding time outside of class to work on papers, because I have Robotics and Science Olympiad that I literally commit about 90% of my spare time to.
4. What kinds of digital skills (those required to use new technologies) did you learn?
How to make a wiki.
5. Copy and paste in some examples of your best work (or the work for which you are most proud) from your blogs or wikis or Explain why you think they’re particularly good.
I worked on most of this wiki and I thought it was very fun to do, it actually made class interesting.
Make working links to these posts when you upload your answers to your blog.

6. On which of the assigned papers do you think you did your best writing? Do you feel this way because of how peers talked about your work, how much effort you put into it, or the grade the teacher assigned? Explain your feelings.
I think I did my best writing on Little Brother because it was a book that I was really interested in and I had time to do out of class work.
7. As a result of taking this course, what do you think are some things you want to work on in the future in your writing?
Nothing really, I just need time to work on assignments.
8. How did you work best: alone, with a partner, and/or with a group? Did it vary depending on the assignment? Explain.
Alone, working in a group was harder because there are too many minds forced into a paper.
9. Was peer feedback valuable to your learning? How?
No, I don’t think it really helped.
10. How did teacher comments influence or change your writing?
I don’t see much difference in my writing except writing has become harder and I don’t have time to write papers.
11. Where physically did you work the best (at home, in class, the library, etc.)?
Class or Library, I’m rarely at my house anymore.
12. Explain which project you worked on that you liked the best or that you found most interesting. Explain where the project was done (its context, blog, wiki, paper, PowerPoint, Google Docs, etc.), why the project was done (its purpose), and what learning experiences were accomplished.
I liked the last wiki the best because we could build it from scratch.
13. How did your digital writing change at all over the last two terms? Do you think you will use any of these tools in the future because of these changes?
My writing hasn’t changed, I don’t think I have used any new tools other than the wiki.
C. Essay Assignments Evaluation
Please rate the assignments from 1 (low) to 10 (high) and write your comments in the space provided, including what you liked or didn’t like about the work you had to do. You may delete the row of numbers and leave the number you are rating the assignment.

1. College Application Essay: 8
Write a reflection on this assignment, including what you liked or disliked about it.
It helped give practice for something that is actually needed in life.

2. Compare/Contrast: ?
What was this essay?

3. Role-play Problem-Solution: 5
It was an okay assignment, but no reason to want to do it again.

4. Teen Issue Problem-Solution Paper: 3
The assignment was just frustrating.

5. POND Essay: 5
It seemed pointless, but at least it could have something you could relate to.

6. Argument Essay: ?
I don’t know what this essay was.

7. Literary Criticism: 2
I’d rather read The Scarlet Letter again.

8. Book Group Literary Analysis: 6
I could have done better if I had more time to work on it.

D. Tools Evaluation
Please rate the following electronic tools we used in the following aspects of interest and usability. First enter the URL (web address). Make sure you link it in your blog. Please rate the tools from 1 (low) to 10 (high) and write your comments in the space provided, including what you liked or didn’t like about the technology. You may delete the row of numbers and leave the number you are rating the assignment.

1. Class website: 8
Comments: Easy to follow and check for updates.

2. Personal Blogs from Term 1: 4
Comments: Interesting to use, but kind of a hassle.

3. Term One Role-Play on Internet Access and Usage: 4
Comments: Once again, interesting to use but still a hassle.

4. Term Two Discussion Questions for Book assignments: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Comments: What discussion questions?

5. Large Group Wikis: 6
Comments: It was ok, but since I didn’t like the book, I couldn’t get interested in the wiki.

6. Small Book Group Wiki: 10
Comments: Fun to do and it was easy because I liked the book and it was easy to understand.

F. Use this space to write anything else you want to say about the course, your final total grade or comments to the teacher.

Monday, November 3, 2008

February 2, 1992

Dear Charlie,
I'm glad that you and your teacher are getting along together and talking about stuff other than school. He is right, you should stop smoking. Here's a site that can help you; I hope it does help you with that bad habit. It's good that you are liking the book so far as well, if you work hard you will become that writer you want to be. Good luck with everything.
-Edward Swanson

November 8, 1991

Dear Charlie,
Congratulations on your paper, I bet you'll do even better on your next paper. You'll be a great writer when you grow up. I don't think Craig looks at Sam the right way either. A girl should look beautiful in her boyfriend's eyes no matter what she wears or how she is viewed.
-Edward Swanson

October 6, 1991

Dear Charlie,
I'm glad you made some new friends, they seem like good people. I'm glad that you are moving ahead in life and not dwelling on the past. Don't worry about the dream with Sam in it, that is common among boys your age. I have to warn you though, don't start smoking it will mess your body up for life.
-Edward Swanson

April 26, 1992

Dear Charlie,
There are many kids like you that struggle with these problems. You shouldn't resort to illegal drugs to get over the pain though. You can get over the pain without pot. This hard time will pass eventually. You will be able to remember this experience in the future and think, "How was I so sad about that?" This won't be so bad later on, you and your friends will get back together and have fun with each other again. These feelings won't last forever, they will end eventually.
-Edward Swanson

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

December 26, 1991

Dear Charlie,
I read the letter you wrote when you got back from your grandma's house. It's ok that you feel sad about Aunt Helen's death. It wasn't your fault. Your Aunt loved you, think about the good times you have had with your Aunt. Be glad that you had that much time with her. There isn't anything you can do about her death. Everyone goes through the death of a loved one eventually. My grandpa died in my first year of high school, I used those good memories to get used to the fact that he died. Just keep holding on Charlie, your Aunt wouldn't want you to waste your life for her sake.
-Edward Swanson

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Role Play Reflection

Role name: Edward Swanson________ Real Name_Erik Anderson__________ Period_4______

Summarize your role’s beliefs or stance on the issue(s). Do not simply regurgitate and/or copy/paste your answer from your bio.
My role character’s beliefs were to have the internet unrestricted, except for inappropriate things, but have the the student’s access watched so they wouldn’t misuse the privilege.

Explain your use of language (the word choices and verbal style) you used to convey these beliefs or stances?
I used good spelling and knowledge of technology to tell how to test my idea.

What strategies did you use while trying to convince the other characters (Formulating counter arguments, building alliances)?
I used facts that I researched on the internet, such as the information I found on the network specialist’s salary. I used that information and my own knowledge to try convincing people to consider my idea and think of implementing it.

What evidence or reasons did you use to support your positions? In what ways were your evidence and reasons effective in convincing others to adopt your positions? How do you know?
I used facts about how much certain things cost like the cost of flashdrives and the salary of a network specialist. I also used the fact that the internet can be a powerful resource for learning because of the fact that it holds so much information.

When you received a reply that challenged or disagreed with your position, how did you typically respond to these challenges or disagreements?
I usually said something like them having a good point but this is why my idea is better or this is why you need to think your idea out more.

Do you think that your arguments had any influence on your audiences’ beliefs on this issue? If so, in what ways?
I know that I influenced some ideas because I as able to give them an idea they didn’t think of. I even got compliments saying that my idea was a great idea. I don’t think I convinced anyone to unblock the internet because almost everyone wanted the internet unblocked anyways, there were few people that needed convincing.

Based on your decisions regarding power in your map, explain the criteria you used to decide who had power. How did people use their power or gain more power?
I separated people into 2 classes, directly related Jefferson and not directly related to Jefferson. The people who were related to Jefferson generally had more power in the school. After that first separation, I separated them into Administration, Students, and other. It seemed in the roleplay that the people with power didn’t really care for it or were threatening to use it, and the people that didn’t have as much power wanted to change things.

You completed your self-assessment on your own work in the role-play. How does the criteria on the rubric help you understand what makes an effective argument?
Keeping a constant persona can help keep a person taking you seriously, talking educated can also help credibility, and it also showed that using facts an help people believe your idea and make it a reality.

You are writing a paper from your own personal perspective on issues with the current school policies on Internet use/access where you suggest possible solutions that will eventually be used to create some joint proposals to the school. How did this role-play prepare you to write this paper? In what ways did the knowledge that you would actually be writing to change school policies influence your involvement in this role-play?
Truthfully I don’t think that this roleplay did help me write my paper. I also don’t think anything effected my involvement in the roleplay.

Describe your overall positive and negative feelings about engaging in this role-play and give reasons for those feelings.
I think this roleplay was interesting but I don’t think it was engaging or that it helped me write things. I do hope that what I wrote did change what people think and hopefully make internet access better.

Rate your feelings about this role-play

not engaged 2 highly engaged
not comfortable in my role 5 very comfortable in my role
not familiar with the issue 6 very familiar with the issue
not personally concerned with the issue 4 highly concerned about this issue

My role had little power 4 My role had a lot of power
My role was isolated 4 My role felt connected
The role-play didn’t help me learn to argue 4 The role-play really helped me learn to argue better
I have had little previous experience debate experience 2 I have had a lot in debate
The role-play didn’t help prepare me for the paper 1 The role-play really helped prepare me for the paper
Knowing that I would be advising the school had no influence on my engagement 1 Knowing that I would be advising the school had a strong influence on my engagement