Thursday, September 4, 2008

Internet Answers

Some different ways to "cheat" in school writing could be using a dictionary without saying you did. Maybe even just taking what someone said to you the other day and say you were the first to say it. Another way to "cheat" could be to take someone else's idea and use it as your own. For example, a classmate says he's going to write about his grandma's experience in the Holocaust. You over hear that conversation and use the information you hear to make a paper on "your grandma's" holocaust. If I had to define cheating, I would have to say that cheating is when you use someone else's idea without addressing that you got that idea from someone else, but the problem with that definition is the fact that most of the information we get is from other people, but it's nearly impossible to reference the thousands of resources you have been given in your life. I don't really think there can be a solid line for the definition of "cheating" just some areas that for sure are cheating and some that might or might not be.

I don't think the key to teaching is being an entertainer, I think it's more of starting a relationship between student and teacher. My favorite teacher didn't always entertain us, he usually talked with us about our lives while he taught us our subject. He didn't have to perform some circus act or play songs about the subject, he just talked with us. It was like we were on a trip at a museum just having a fun time and still learning. The problems with expecting teachers to entertain is that some teachers will live up to that and some won't. It's like getting hyped up for a game but the game could be bad, amazing or just normal. I think the only good to come from expecting an entertaining value is that teachers and students can form some sort of relationship together to learn better.

I don't think the kid did the right thing by using the internet instead of actually reading the book but it could be a skill he needs in the future. If you are running late for a business meeting and you need to learn about the meeting, that skill he is developing on getting information is going to be useful in a situation like that. He should feel guilty about it because he could have just read the book instead of using the internet, but it may help him more in the future of gathering information.

Students use digital media all the time for school, for example a video on youtube or google. They could get some images from online in a presentation or maybe use a powerpoint presentation for an assignment. Students are most likely to start using digital media when their school starts using computers in school, which is most likely starting at middle school and possibly earlier. I think the most common digital media used by student would be videos and pictures, maybe an article or something else but that isn't as likely.

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